What if you could change your posture to a more empowered but relaxed stance, with more comfort to move through your day? This workshop addresses postural issues such as lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis, and asymmetrical patterns like a low shoulder, hiked up hip, twisted torso, and the tension and/or pain that may come with these issues.

What's Included

    1. How Somatic Movement Can Change Your Life

    2. Arch & Flatten

    3. The Stress Reflexes

    1. Posture Workshop Introduction

    2. Movement Segment 1

    3. Movement Segment 2

    1. Intro (Audio)

    2. Movement Segment 1 (Audio)

    3. Movement Segment 2 (Audio)

    1. Scoliosis Diagrams

    2. Thoughts on Scoliosis and Asymmetric Posture

    3. Work with Laura

About this course

  • $85.00
  • 12 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content


Laura Gates

Laura M Gates, CHSE, CCSE, graduated from Somatic Systems Institute in 2007. She is a former professional dancer and brings 40 years’ experience as a movement educator to her work and has training in deep tissue body work with Tyr Throne and is an ongoing student of master kinesthetic anatomy teacher, Irene Dowd in New York City. Laura is based in Averøy, Norway, and also offers services in New York City, USA. Regarding her own issues around scoliosis and chronic pain Laura says, “Thomas Hanna’s techniques and system has proven hugely and uniquely helpful to my scoliosis, increasing comfort and mobility, improving alignment, and giving me a ‘somatic medicine kit’ that I use daily. I can’t imagine life without Somatics.”


Namchi Bazar

"Laura is a generous, inspiring and deeply knowledgeable teacher. She brings a playful curiosity and new life into movements and perspectives. A real treat to learn with her!"

Jenny Collver

"I have severe scoliosis and was experiencing increased pain and instability in my spine after menopause. I had to retire as a Yoga instructor and was looking for a modality to keep active and hopefully free of pain. Laura has a dancer's background and a strong knowledge of anatomy and Somatics principles, which make her teaching nuanced and beautifully choreographed."